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George Winston Walker was a first generation American born to parents who immigrated from Kingston, Jamaica to Boston, MA. George began playing the guitar as a young teenager and later attended Berklee School of Music, earning a diploma in musical arrangement, harmony, theory, and jazz improvisation. His passion and drive to become a jazz musician was realized early and he continued to play after he and his wife drove from Boston to Hollywood in the early 1970s. In the 1990s George relocated to Omaha in search of a better place to raise his daughter Andrea after his wife Diane passed away.

Locally, George was known as an extraordinary performer, instructor, and an Omaha treasure whose musical style merged jazz, funk and rhythm and blues, but he could skillfully play any musical genre. Throughout his music career George performed live or recorded with Lou Rawls, Barry White, Paul Humphrey, Jerry Lewis, Freda Payne, Tommy Tucker, Freddie Scott, and many others. He also made an appearance playing his guitar in the movie Uncle Joe Shannon.

During his career George performed at numerous venues, including the Apollo, Regal, Howard, and Royal Theatres. His stadium appearances include the White River Front Stadium, Atlanta Stadium, Yankee Stadium and other major hotels and casinos. He performed live in Germany, on boats, on a plane and for television shows such as Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, and the Smothers Brothers.

George was enthusiastic about sharing his musical history and was a contributor for James Conyers Jr.’s book "African American Jazz and Rap". He was also selected as a "Year of the Blues" honoree. His solo recordings include “One Way or the Other—The Blues” in 1999 which was followed by several more. You can enjoy some of George’s music on YouTube or his website

George’s contributions to music in Omaha were not limited to his performances at area venues. He taught guitar theory at Metropolitan Community College, Iowa Western Community College, Norris Middle School, conducted workshops at Durham Museum and area schools through The Omaha Blues Society. Other teaching programs he worked with include Love's Jazz & Art Center, The Omaha School of Music and The Latino Museum. Hundreds of local Omahans learned guitar theory from George.

In 2001, George played for thousands at the Joslyn Art Center’s Jazz on the Green. In 2004 he won a Blues award from the Midwest Entertainment Music Association. In 2006, George performed at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival and won two first place and a second-place award for composing music for three of Omaha’s Hot Shops Film Festival contestants. George is one of only 12 artists selected by Samick Guitars to endorse their products.

George’s teaching philosophy was simple—motivate students by meeting them at their skill level and teach them something new they could apply immediately. He could read and write music of all styles to make it easy for the young and old alike to learn. He would even write songs by number if the student was unable to memorize the notes. George encapsulated this teaching philosophy in his first guitar instruction book written for new students and musicians.

George has also incorporated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) into his music lessons to show how many ways music can affect the brain. He built his own guitar and began educating himself by reading many books about black history and painting many portraits over the last few years. One of his art pieces is featured on the cover of his latest book finished in 2021 entitled: “How to Play Today's Guitar Music Today”.

George passed away on April 13, 2021, at the young age of 78 after battling pancreatic cancer for three months. Mr. Music Man will be missed by many. His daughter, Andrea, has established a Scholarship fund for music students who are graduating high school and will continue their education in the STEAM field. To contribute, please visit, click on “Give Now” or the three buttons/dots and “Donate Today”. Fill out the information and be sure to note that the funds are for the “George Walker Scholarship Fund”. To purchase a guitar instruction book or one of George’s music CDs please send an email to Andrea at

We all have a unique learning journey that with continued application, dedication, and education will lead to ultimate happiness. We hope that everyone continues to follow their own dreams to discover their true passion. It is our dream that George’s unique way of creation and instruction will help others on this journey to find what they love to do. We hope that George’s musical gift, passion for art, lifelong learning, and enthusiasm for STEAM instruction will continue to have an impact on many generations who will carry on his legacy.